Have you got a lyric or quote in mind that you would love for me to print? Get in touch to discuss a bespoke commission and we can work together to create the perfect piece for yourself or for a gift to really show you care!

Costs will vary depending on the length of the text, the size of the image, the complexity of the colour choices, and the size of print run.

Have you seen a print in the print shop that you love but the colour isn't quite what you were thinking? Just contact me and I should be able to reprint it in any colour, cost will be similar or a little more than the listed price dependant on the amount of colours/gradients etc.


"My wife and I eloped to Las Vegas. We booked everything on a whim Saturday night, flew out Sunday afternoon, were married Monday AM, and flew back that afternoon. While we were waiting our turn in the hallway that the chapel shared with a restaurant, “Drive” by Incubus came on through the overhead speakers, automatically making it our official wedding song. At the same time, the cook next door must have dropped an order of fried chicken, because the smells wafting down the hallway were amazing!

Several months later my wife surprised me with one of Katherine’s prints of the hook from “Drive”. As soon as I saw it, I contacted Katherine and commissioned her to cut and print a custom companion piece - “…and chicken fingers” was born! 😆 My wife LOVES it, we hung them in our room so that they’re the first and last things we see each day (besides each other).

Katherine went above and beyond and created a memory for us that will last a life time. Thank you so much!"