Studio minor update and upcoming market

Some of you may know I've had a space earmarked for a home studio for awhile and have been procrastinating about it forever, but no more! I finally did some clearing out, and this week I measured up and drew out some layout ideas so its moving forward whoop. Next task is to ask for some advice from a joiner about how to go about it, but I'm thinking second hand worktops attached to the wall, although I'm keeping a lookout for some kitchen units too.

See my instagram for some pics of the space and my minor tidy up and watch this space for more updates! Most importantly I'm getting out my stash of prints to hang on the walls, including the giant one I did in a group at People Powered Press in Shipley.


Last news to report is that I've got a table at the Leeds Indie Market next week at Project House, its a Friday afternoon/evening with music, a bar and lots of other makers so looks like its going to be a good one! Hope to see you there!

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